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Space Telescope Stencil is a cardboard stencil with laser cut sheets. The cardboard is 4.0 mm thick and comes in 6 separate sheets. When layed-out, the stencil width is about 4.4 ft (1.33 m) and height is about 3.3 ft (1.02 m). 


These are custom built when ordered and take three to six weeks to be delivered.


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Space Telescope Stencil - Brown Cardboard

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  • Space Telescope Stencil
    Copyright 2022, Aldebaran Industries, LLC

    The Space Telescope stencil was inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). It represents a segmented primary mirror with arms supporting the secondary mirror. Sun shield is also depicted in the stencil. The JWST was launched on December 25, 2021, and began scientific observations in the summer of 2022. It is in orbit around the Sun in a special place where gravity is relatively stable with Sun, Earth, and JWST lie on a line. The location is called a Sun-Earth Lagrange point.  

         This product consists of 6 stencil sheets of 4.0 mm thick, laser cut brown cardboard. The sheets should be removed from the outer frame by removing the sticky tape backing. The sheets should lie flat arranged side-by-side while aligning corresponding numbers on the edges. Masking tape can be applied to the edges where there is no hole in the stencil. This will make for easy use and storage. The stencil can be chalked, hand painted with brushes, or spray painted. Cover the edge numbers with masking tape and spread newspaper, spare cardboard, or drop-cloth, etc., along edges to prevent paint from being applied to un-intended areas. The outside perimeter is shown as the dashed lines.

         The image above shows the stencil which is durable enough to be used repeatedly. It is an educational stencil which can be spray painted onto sidewalks, playgrounds, driveways, etc.

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